Tuesday, October 21, 2008


On Sunday we went to the Old Baker Farm. I wanted to share some of our photos with you. I was so excited about going and getting to take some really good pics of all the kids together. I had there shirts made alike for the pics, put them all in jeans, I was ready. If only I had for seen Mattson's terrible two's coming out. He would not take a pic with Anna and Payson. The one I have of all three of them together, Mattson is crying. And the only reason I got that shot is b/c I made him sit there and take a pic. So much for my perfect pic of my children at the pumpkin patch. It never works out the way you have planned in your mind. However I did get some other good pics of the kids. I think the only time he was not crying was when he was picking out his pumk-pumk. He was so cute when found the one he wanted he did not put it down. He carried it around the whole pumpkin patch. So maybe next year I will get a better photo of the three of them. For now here is some of what I have.....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Binks and Blanks

I took these pics Sunday after church. I had the camera with us and just thought that the boys looked cute just sitting there. When I loaded them on to my computer I noticed that each one of them had a picture with their bink (pacifier) and blank (blanket). Of course I thought is was sweet, so I thought I would share. My little boys love thier binks and blanks. But we will not have to many more pics with binks b/c Ho,Ho,(santa) is coming to get them. We have been telling Mattson in order for Ho,Ho to leave him toys, he must leave all of his binks for Ho,Ho to take to another boy. It might be a horrible christmas eve night!! Wish us luck....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mattson and the Phone

So Mattson loves the phone. He calls me every day at work, our conversation consist of "Hi Mama, Hi Mattson I go bye-bye in Daddy's big truck? Yes, Mattson when Daddy's gets home, Hi Mama again, Mama miss me too. Bye-Bye Mama". Everything revolves around Daddy when it comes to him. Who said boys love their Mama's. So now when I am on the phone with someone, he wants to talk and usually it is with Nanna(my mother). So here are some pics of his conversation this week with his Nanna.